Rhetorical Analysis: “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens

Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of looking at a Blackbird” is a series of images in thirteen stanzas in which the only consistent thing, the only continuity is the presence of a blackbird. Analyzing this poem in the usual ways reveals little in the way of illumination. Even the stanzas with the same amount of […]

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Naomi Shihab Nye

I met a poet the other day. She was warm and approachable and curious about all who were around her. She had such energy and focused attention and upbeat attitude. She said she found our home beautiful—something I think only a poet can see. I read her work before she came. Her story about a […]

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An Ethics Paper

In what I consider to be new an odd turn of events, vaccinations in general and the vaccination of children is no longer then given that it used to be. This may be because I lived a sheltered life in a family, in a community that did not question the morality or the ethics of […]

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The Shock of Violent Ends

Those who are close to me may have heard me say, “I would rather face a wall of fire than go in front of a group of people.” The horrors of nature are far less difficult for me to face and to process than the cruelty that humans unconsciously, willfully, and even at times gleefully […]

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“Only the Brave”: A Review

When I first heard Hollywood was making a movie about the Yarnell Hill Fire tragedy, I was disgusted. I felt there was no way a movie could do justice to those events and had no intention to watch it. This was a common reaction among the other wildland firefighters with whom I work. Like most […]

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“The Post”: A Review

Tony and I went to see The Post last weekend. Lately, I’ve had somewhat of an obsession with all things journalism and I needed a break from schoolwork, so off we went! I entered the theater expecting some super-writer sleuthing, arguing editors, nail-biting deadlines, and a bright light shone on shady politicians. Well, there was […]

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